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Hear With Your Ears~Listen With Your Heart


Promoting Hearing Loss Awareness:     
The AuDBling Story

by Noël Crosby, Au.D. 

“That’s cochlea jewelry!!!!!!!!!!” 

An Idea is Born

As I was window shopping one day, a jewelry display caught my eye.  I went a little closer and was delighted at what I saw. The sterling silver and shell jewelry in the window had a very distinctive…and familiar…characteristic.  

“That’s cochlea jewelry!”  I exclaimed to no one in particular.  I had never seen such a beautiful combination of sterling silver and shell that, to me, symbolized audiology, a profession I love dearly. 

And then it hit me!  This unique jewelry, with its natural shape of the human ear’s cochlea, was the perfect symbol to promote hearing loss awareness and encourage dialogue about its treatment.  Audiologists could embrace it as a symbol of the profession we love and our patients could adopt it as a symbol of their first step to accepting their own unique hearing loss!  

I decided right then and there that I had to find a way to introduce this beautiful “cochlea” jewelry to the audiology and hearing impaired communities. I contacted the artisans, became a distributor and introduced it at the annual Florida Academy of Audiology meeting.  The response was overwhelming and AudBling was born! 

AudBling and the Chinese Fortune Cookie

I have discovered over the months since the birth of AudBling that new ideas  often come to me unexpectedly.  After lunching with my Audiologist friends at our favorite Chinese restaurant, my friends fortune cookie contained the phrase, “Hear with your ears~Listen with your heart.”  My heart soared when I realized these words could serve as a powerful new phrase that could be used to further create hearing loss awareness.  From there,  I designed a symbol that incorporated this phrase.  You will love it..  It symbolizes the importance of the heart in all matters regarding hearing loss. 

AuDBling and the soccer game:

 I was watching a soccer game on a foreign language TV station recently and an inspiration came to me to translate my phrase Hear with Your Ears~ Listen with your Heart into different languages of the world. Hearing loss is not unique to any country or culture. Since it is my goal to create universal awareness about hearing loss, I designed a shirt using my phrase translated into different languages. This symbolizes the universal nature of listening with the heart . Look for more items with the different languages in the future. 

AuDBling and Hearing Makes my Heart Soar!
I got this idea one day thinking that I love the heart with wings and when someone can hear again, it lightens their heart..

AuDBling and the shapes cochlea:
I was getting out of the shower one day and glanced down to a familiar product that I use daily. I saw a U made up of different symbols and had an inspiration to make a cochlea out of symbols near and dear to Audiologists and hearing professionals hearts!  Then I realized I should also make a cochlea out of the sounds of life. Look for new products from these designs.

AuDBling and Hayleigh's Cherished Charms

AuDBling and Hayleigh's Cherished Charms have teamed together to design some special cochlea shaped earrings and charms for HEARING AIDS AND COCHLEA IMPLANTS.  For more beautiful charms that fit behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-ear hearing aids  and for cochlea implant bling, check out:  

Hayleigh's Cherished Charms

AudBling offers a wide variety of cochlea-themed gifts.  These  products can be the perfect gift for anyone!  Not only are they beautiful and fun to wear; they also are a natural “conversation starter” and can lead to an open discussion about hearing loss and the benefits of treatment…a discussion that is important not only to audiologists and their current patients, but to those who are living with untreated hearing loss.   My desire is that AuDBling products will one day create a dialogue , much like the pink ribbon did for breast cancer awareness, on the importance of receiving treatment for hearing loss



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